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You know we live in divided cities, communities, and country.

You know that 11am Sunday morning is considered the most segregated hour in our society.

What should we do about it?


The Arrabon Conference is for people who want to be equipped with practical resources For ministry of reconciliation

What should you expect?

  • To develop a biblical framework for race, class, and the Kingdom of God

  • To learn from a team of multi-ethnic leaders

  • To increase your cultural intelligence in a rapidly diversifying world

  • To learn new language for healthy dialogue across lines that too often divide us

  • To obtain practical action steps in the ministry of reconciliation for you and your community



Reconciliation + Culture

Reconciliation + Culture

David Bailey, Arrabon + Co-Host

The Asian-American Story

The Asian-American Story

Angie Hong, Willow Creek Chicago

Shalom + Economic Development

Shalom + Economic Development

David Spickard, Jobs for Life

Reconciliation + Culture

Reconciliation + Culture

Elena Aronson, Arrabon + Co-Host

The Story of Education

The Story of Education

Zakiya Jackson, The Expectations Project          


Handling Church Conflict

Handling Church Conflict

Kathy Smith, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

The First Nations Story

The First Nations Story

Mark Charles, Five Small Loaves

The Arab-American Story

The Arab-American Story

Latifah Phillips, PAGE CXVI


Handling Church Conflict

Handling Church Conflict

Reggie Smith, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

The Story of Black & White

The Story of Black & White

Bill Haley, The Falls Church
Anglican +

The Story of Immigration

The Story of Immigration

Alexia Salvatierra, Author + Speaker

Worship + Reconciliation

Worship + Reconciliation

Urban Doxology, Worship Experience


Who should come?


People who want to...

  •  Be equipped with practical resources for the ministry of reconciliation in a divided culture.


Pastors & Executive Directors who want to...

  • Learn how to engage a diverse community.

  • Recruit, cultivate, and retain a diverse staff.

  • Pastor well in a divided city and congregation.


Church and Nonprofit Staff who want to...

  • Lead with the cultural intelligence you need to navigate today’s challenges.

  • Learn language and skills for healthy dialogue and problem solving in a diverse community.

Christians who want to...

  • Constructively engage with divisive issues.

  • Grow deeper in diverse relationships.

  • Learn practical ways you can help your church become a foretaste of heaven.


Schedule + Topics

Thursday, March 23

Plenary I

  • Race, Class, and the Kingdom of God

  • Becoming a Reconciling Community



 leadership + Staff Track

  • Leading a Reconciling Community
  • Leading with Cultural Intelligence


  • Worship and Reconciliation led by Urban Doxology

  • Songwriting for Your Community

Plenary II

  • Pilgriming through the Shalom Continuum

  • The Story of Multi-Ethnic America: Part 1

live recording Concert

Urban Doxology Concert

Saturday, March 25

Plenary III

  • The Story of Multi-Ethnic America: Part 2
  • Understanding Homogeneity
  • Diversity, Bias, and Cultural Intelligence


  • Reconciliation: A Theology and Practice

  • Shalom: Becoming Kingdom Cultivators

pricing + register

Super Early Bird | $45 | Ends Jan 1

Early Bird | $55 | Ends Feb 20

Regular | $75 | Ends Mar 20

On-site | $95 | Mar 23-25

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Conference Location
West End Assemblies of God
401 North Parham Road, Richmond, VA 23229

Hotel List
Best Western Executive Hotel
Hampton Inn & Suites Glenside
Westin Richmond

Closest Airport

Richmond International Airport (RIC)


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